Saturday, March 14, 2020

Unprofessional conduct essays

Unprofessional conduct essays Unprofessional Conduct according to the Arkansas State Board of Nursing is detailed in ASBN Rules and Regulations, Chapter 7, Section XV, #6. The section states the following conduct are considered unprofessional. Failing to assess, evaluate, and intervene, Incorrect documentation, Missappropriation of residents property, Medication and Treatment errors, Performing or attempting to perform procedures that the nurse is untrained to do, Violating confidentiality. Neglect/Abuse or failure to report these incidents, Failing to report violations or attempted violations to the ASBN, Inappropriate delegation of duties, Failing to supervise, Practicing when unfit. To report alleged violations to the ASBN. The person reporting must put the complaint in writing and send to the ASBN. Anyone can report violations to the ASBN but Nurses are obligated to report to the ASBN. When reporting they want the sentinel event or the violation and patterns of behavior of the individual. The written complaint must contain Who, What, When, Where. What is Abandonment? According to the ASBN abandonment is broken down into two categories patient abandonment and job abandonment. Patient abandonment is the nurse taking the assignment and establishing a nurse-patient relationship then severing that nurse-patient relationship without giving reasonable notice to the appropriate person (supervisor, employer) so that arrangements can be made for continuation of nursing care by others. The employer may have another meaning of abandonment, staying over shifts when there is no relief, making the nurse work on scheduled off days. These situations are not governed by ASBN and are not punishable. The employer can fire you for these offenses though. The ABSN have set guidelines for convictions for crimes that bar you from holding license in the state of Arkansas. These convictions are as stated. Capital murder, murder 1st and 2nd degree, batt ...

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